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The idea: use the power of dialogue to build empathy and appreciate differences.

Founded in 2016 at Texas A&M University by Dr. Srivi Ramasubramanian, these interactive facilitated discussions on campus racism have been described as “eye-opening”, “informative," “affirming," and “empowering.” The workshops use a conversation café format to facilitate small group discussions on difficult topics and to collectively brainstorm ideas to make the campus more welcoming for all. The project helps participants grow in active listening, build empathy, and appreciate multiple perspectives. 

 If interested in hosting a Difficult Dialogues session for your organization, university, or community group, please fill out our contact form.


34 workshops

1000+ participants 

70+trained facilitators


Liberal Arts

National awards in recognition of her research, publishing and teaching on media, diversity and social justice.


I[X] Team Spotlight: Difficult Dialogues


Gerald M. Phillips Award for Distinguished Applied Communication Scholarship

Encouraging the Difficult Conversation

Upcoming workshop to facilitate conversations about campus race relations

Black History Month at Texas A&M 2020

Difficult Dialogues, Anti-Racism Pedagogy, and Inclusive Communication with Dr. Srivi Ramasubramania

Core Team

  • Founder: 

    • Srivi Ramasubramanian (Founder, 2016-present)

  • Faculty Co-Directors: 

    • Srivi Ramasubramanian (2016-present)

    • Anna Wolfe (2019-present)

  • Core Research Team:

    • Vanessa Gonlin (PhD-Sociology; 2016-present)

    • Alex Sousa (PhD-Comm; 2016-2019)

    • Jess Gantt-Shafer (PhD, Comm; 2016-2018)

    • Rebecca Costantini (PhD Comm; 2019)

    • Asha Winfield (PhD Comm; 2019-present)

    • Lia Joseph (PhD Sociology; 2019-present)

    • Anthony Ramirez (PhD Comm; starting 2020)

    • Olivia Osteen (Undergrad Comm; 2019-present)

    • Miranda Calderon (Undergrad Poli. Sci - 2020-present)

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